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GURPS Calculator Web App

The GURPS Calculator web app, for use on any mobile or desktop device, is a set of tools any player or GM would appreciate! No frills. No annoying sound effects. It’s just you and gorgeous data in a oh-so-sweet high contrast heaven. Tools are being added and refined all the time.

Campaign Management
Collision and Fall Damage
Robust Dice Roller
Jumping Distance
Throwing Distance
Search Book Indices

  • Combat Rows
  • Tracker Rows
  • Static Rows
  • HP/FP Rows
  • Increment Rows
  • Dice Roller Rows
  • Target Rows

Check it out at: (I’ll be trying it out this weekend. ~chris)

GURPS Calculator Website


Who makes this thing work?

  • Jeff Demers – Owner and Lead Programmer
  • Jeff Lauder – Programmer


  • Jeremy Paris – Spotify Curator
  • James Millar – Index Transcription (Characters, Campaigns, Martial Arts)